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Ever wondered how solar electric technology works?

The sun provides light to the Photovoltaic (PV) Panels which generate DC electricity. This power is run through the inverter which converts the DC power to AC power, which we use as the standard house current. The inverter is connected to your main panel and local utility grid.

During the day, while your PV panels are generating electricity, it is fed through the meter to the utility grid and your meter will actually spin backwards, banking credits for you.

When you return home, you use electricity from the utility grid and your meter spins forward utilizing the credit you accrued during the day. By properly sizing your solar system, you can reduce or eliminate your electric bill.

Residential Grid Connected PV System

How Long Does a Solar Electric System Last?

A properly designed Solar PV (photovoltaic) System will provide many years of production and can reduce your dependency on the local energy company tremendousy. You will have control over your electric costs, no matter what's going on in the global energy market. After all, the sun shines for free.

Basically, There are no moving parts to break or wear down. Solar power offers many years of trouble free use.

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